Getting You Back To Work


Why Careeriosity?

  • 7+ year track record of helping people find jobs in Tech

  • We only work with 5 candidates at a time, enabling us to give you our full attention

  • Our techniques get you passed the gatekeeper and puts your resume in the hands of the hiring manager

  • 45 day pricing incentive to get you back to work quickly along with a 100% money back guarantee



Personalized Attention

We Only Work With 5 Candidates at One Time

Resume & Interview Prep

Experts Guide Your Every Step

Compensation & Contract Negotiation

Maximize Your Job Offer

Real Time Communication

Daily Progress Updates





We charge a monthly fee which pays for tools such as advanced email software and company prospecting. This is 100% refundable if your expectations aren't met.

4-5% Success Fee

Divided into 12 Monthly Installments

Starting 1 month after your start date, 5% of your yearly salary is divided by 12 months and billed monthly (ex: 100K salary > 5k fee > $416 monthly installment). If we don't get you hired within 45 days, the fee drops to 4%.


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