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Interested in hiring more women? We have 71, 409 women in our database working in Software Engineering, Product and Design roles across 6 cities.

Companies work with us because...

Sourcing Sprints start at $50  

No Contracts!

We find the best Passive Talent

No lists or A.I. tools

5+ year track record of success

Our Network is full of talented Software Engineers that we've built relationships with

Bharath Madhusudan

Co-Founder/CTO of Securly

"I recommend Careeriosity for Startups that are too young to hire a full time recruiter and only have contingency recruiting to rely on. Their expertise provides a well considered middle ground that allows startups to take their time in making critical hiring decisions that do not break the bank."

Dustin Yoder

CEO of Sureify

"Careeriosity cuts our recruiting costs dramatically, giving us multiple hires throughout the year at the price of what a contingency recruiting costs for a single hire."

Some of our clients

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